Friday, May 20, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Israel, Malta and Slovakia recalibrated 3 countries

After the festivities of the Eurovision 2011, we spend our last series of articles on the charts with a thought for the recalibrated! We have therefore chosen to show you 3 songs that were not included in the final of Eurovision but noteworthy. First, the TWIINS. Representatives of Slovakia with their song "I am still alive," and Glen Vella, Malta figure, and his song "One Life" and finally the Israeli Dana International with his song "Ding Dong".

The duo sulfur TWIINS offered us a beautiful ballad "I am still alive", which has not been selected by the jury. These binoculars Slovak, their real names Nízlová Veronika and Daniela Jančichová-Nízlová have 5 albums already under their belts. They recorded 4 albums after signing with a label Slovakia in 2000.

Of the five following years, TWIINS accumulate three gold records and platinum. Multiply, they record, in parallel, 2 albums in 2002 and 2003 under the pseudonym Black Milk, a trio fruit of their union with Tereza Kerndlova. The latter had participated in Eurovision 2008 and represented the Czech Republic.

During his performance, the twins were present, part of the chorus and dancers. But they will neither accede to the final. After their separation, the twins continue to rise together under their current name TWIINS. In early 2010, they resumed the hit "Boys" Sabrina, along with a clip rather sexy image of the tube Italo-dance.

They come out later a new album "Compromise" with the collaboration of producer Bryan Todd. The latter is a major U.S. producer, which may include musical associations with Miley Cyrus, Jordin Sparks, Ashley Tisdale, a heroine of the movie "High School Musical." "I am still alive" has also been produced by Bryan Todd.

The TWIINS, though not qualified for final of Eurovision and little known in France, appears to enjoy a good musical experience and great collaborations. Glen Vella representing Malta with her song "One Life", heavily influenced dance and up-tempo. Glen Vella started in the song at the age of 13.

It has often been appointed Malta Music Awards, the victories of the Maltese music. There is also a singer in various television and lends his voice to jingles and signs radio and television. Also an actor, Glen Vella played roles in several musicals. In music, the singles enjoyed the support of the greatest songwriters Maltese and was promoted to Belgium or the Netherlands.

He also took part in many song festivals, including the Maltese selection for Eurovision in which he participated regularly since 2005. Indeed, Glen Vella has competed in the Maltese first time in 2005 with the song "Appreciate", but is not selected for the finals which will also be won by her compatriot Chiara and her song "Angel." He will attend a further 3 times without success and then he was finally selected in 2011 to represent her country at Eurovision.

Despite her efforts and hard Glen Vella unfortunately do not access to the final in only 1 point. Let us look now at the enigmatic Dana International, Israel's representative with the song "Ding Dong". Sharon Cohen, aka Dana International is an Israeli transsexual pop singer. In 1992 Sharon Cohen appeared in the musical landscape of Israel.

Launched by Offer Nissim, DJ close to the movement in New York by Peter Rauhofer, their work is paved with success. Their collaboration was born the first album of Dana in 1993, "Danna International, certified gold. Then will follow "Umpatampa" in 1994, his biggest success to date. She also won the title of female artist of the year in Israel.

The following year Dana tries screened for the Israeli Eurovision Song Contest, she will finish only second. That year, she exit Eptampa. Since the beginning of his career, Dana sings in Hebrew, but also in Arabic. Thus, Dana uses an Arabic word as the title of his third album, released in 1996: "Maganona.

In 1998, Dana's dream come true. She won the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham of the song with the title "Diva." The single will be distributed throughout Europe will total 400,000 sales. Dana takes advantage of this success to record her first English album, "Free," published throughout Europe in 1999.

In 2001, she proposed "ve Yoter yoter, composed this time without the complicity of Offer Nissim. A page is turned and Dana takes a new musical. In 2002, Dana spell "Ha'chalom ha'efshari" and "Hakol Ze Letov" in 2007. A great national success in 2011, Dana is again at the Eurovision Song Contest with "Ding Dong", but is eliminated in the second semifinal, on May 12 in Düsseldorf.

This concludes our overview of the 2011 edition of Eurovision, whose ranking, but also disappointed candidates were a sign of a revival of some European unifying event.

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