Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Behind every great man is a woman ... or maybe a great p ..."

Rome, May 18 (EFE) .- The singer Lady Gaga addressed in his latest album, "Born this Way", which goes on sale next Monday, the world of prostitution around the men of power in the song "Hooker Government (" Government Prostitute "in English). In an interview dated in Cannes (France) published today by the Italian daily "La Repubblica", Gaga talks about the intention that is enclosed behind this issue, that in Italy many scandals reminded the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, for his private parties.

"Many Italians I know have found analogies between the affairs of your Prime Minister and the song. But it's no secret that the 'bunga, bunga' (the practice of Berlusconi's party) has always been in vogue in the buildings of power, "says the singer." I wanted to look at things from the point of view women who do and the ability to snatch a bit of power to men who pay.

And also intrigues me that a prostitute can become a political confidant of them share state secrets. Behind every great man is a woman ... or maybe a great whore, "he adds. Gaga also discusses other issues including his latest, "Judas", and the controversy that the religious content of their video-clip has generated.

"I think it bothers the character of Judas, that a Christian is scary. Nobody has said that only priests or nuns have the right to express an opinion on the Gospels. The artist has every right to use religious symbolism to convey a message, "says the singer." My video is about forgiveness, he adds, just as Jesus forgave Judas, as I already knew before, he had been betrayed.

It seems strange that the Church has felt offended by this concept. " It also explains that with all the money he has earned not bought or a house or a car for her (although high-end one of their parents), but use the revenue from their work to invest in your performance. "A little over a month I cried like crazy when in Mexico City saw the ocean of people before me.

All I wanted in life, so it had worked and sweated in local small and lonely, was there before me. For that is what is the money: to take away the sharks, to nourish and nurture the dreams certainties, "says Gaga.

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