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Festival do Norte 2011: Chronicle of Saturday, May 7

My attendance at the Festival do Norte 2011 has made my rehab at my refusal to attend an event of this kind out of my autonomous community. And that given that what we dropped on Saturday May 7, second and last day, a storm of wind and water, the day before had been nothing, which severely restricted the attendance.

No objection to the organization, clean the treatment, thanks Miguel Prieto!, Although I would recommend for future editions that someone from the festival Press editors provide a repertoire of the bands and minute data via SMS or email Latest news on it. The deluge was falling on Arousa Saturday afternoon prevented us from self-imposed and the obligation of writing the chronicle of the day on Friday, see Diadermine, Franc3s and Pony Bravo.

We arrived soaked and as we tried to remove moisture from the body Mirrors made an appearance. Too bad the band from Brighton had an hour to appear as early a stage, the Novacaixa Galicia, which became too small to locals and foreigners fleeing the storm. Certainly would have looked much more in Scenario Estrella Galicia as they did the night before his countrymen May68.

His synth-pop eighties, quite cold and totally retro with a look that seemed a uniformed Kraftwerk although it is said they have nailed Hurts line. Premiered album, Lights And Offerings, a first length which pays homage to bands of my adolescence as Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. Live, Mirrors, which do not follow the full, we felt very good and its leader, James "Noo" New, an entire stage set.

Reviewed the best of this debut EP and Ways To An End, which made much stronger than we hear in the studio recording. 'Look At Me', 'Ways To An End' and the first single from the album, the superb 'Hide And Seek', were some of the pieces in a concert rescued very, very, cool. Mirrors while performing on stage were small, the news that Sadie Sexy canceled his performance by failing to land his plane by the storms which ran like wildfire through the VIP area of the Festival do Norte.

In the end, they arrived late, but arrived, and just gave Mallorca a half hour of nostalgia led by Jaime Garcia Soriano, who must be sworn in Aramaic every time he remembers the day he decided to end the band's history. For me could continue for years and years together because their live is priceless.

A Bizarre Love Triangle I really wanted them. I've been his fan ever but it is true that all his records and even months have liked Holy Year I've bought on vinyl, so you can say that I had convinced before going on stage. They say that theirs is shoegaze with punk attitude, seemed to me a few indies with bare ass to play live and are today one of the best bands of his generation on stage and to show me round.

Leaving the two albums reviewed several instant classics, played with coltsfoot in a wall of sound, like 'The song of the bullet', 'Isa vs. Humanist Party 'or' From the cryptocracy monarchy. " I recommend them strongly. The Vaselines, the group formed by Francis McKee and Eugene Kelly Kurt Cobain and Nirvana put back in orbit The version number of their classics, came to the Festival do Norte as a mystery to me.

What could offer these veterans Scots. Cult band, The Vaselines were up this year a single album, Dum Dum, published in 1987 without giving them time to present it live as it is dissolved days after its release, but just released Sex With An X, a second album I feel that it falls short of its debut.

Reviewed both albums and had to do to rescue the 'You Think You're a Man', which made great the very large, despite the redundancy, and great Divine, 'Son Of A Gun' and 'Jesus Does not Want Me For a Sunbear ', which respectively claimed Hormoaning Nirvana Unplugged In New York and. I do not got excited except in those moments.

What Peter Hook is doing with the memory of Joy Division on this tour called Unknown Pleasures Joy Division celebration from Peter Hook and told us chapter and verse in a chronic jugosísima its Madrid our partner Natxo Sobrado. We left the tent horror festival after the atrocious display of former Joy Division bassist.

Any cover band would have done better, or at least have put all their senses in a show not deplorable. Hook, author of the most recognizable bass lines and dark afterpunk covered himself in glory from start to finish, and is not the band, in which the bass player is his own son, is bad, bad is it.

Hooligan, clumsy, forgetful bad singer and over, I was reading the letters on a sheet placed on a stand, throwing shit on one of the best albums of popular music. 'Disorder' was a joke, 'Digital' it slipped out loud a God, and 'I Remember Nothing' I felt like putting a shoe in his mouth before his continuous tune.

It was loud in 'Shadowplay' and had the audacity to give an encore to 'Transmission', after devoting a "God Bless You" to the crowd that had cheered incomprehensibly, and "Love Will Tear Us Apart '. Peter Hook has promised to get back out on the road with Closer: someone please stop your feet! Night and the Festival do Norte as London closed Guns, a duo consisting of two old British indie batteries: Gary Powell of The Libertines, and Adam Ficek, Babyshambles ex, who brought something they called Stephen Hawkins Dj Style.

Nothing further, to the lace to the festival-goers gave a session indie & electro beats, nods to Belle & Sebastian, accompanied by live percussion, drums, boxes and electronic drums. No objection.

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