Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jero The Sunday Drivers pasta asks us to finance your new solo album

So suddenly sounds strange, even wrong, but carefully listening to the story seems like a great idea and I have no doubt that you will be a success. I tell you what's going on. It turns out that Jerome Romero, the singer of missing The Sunday Drivers, plans to release an album with Charlie Bautista in which two of them will be producers and will play almost all instruments.

The self would cost just 10,500 euros to go toward the rental of the study for 15 days for recording and mixing, mastering, pay their salaries for technicians and some additional music and making 1000 CDs and 500 vinyl. Where did get that dough? He explains it very clearly in the video: Your project is already posted on Verkami and now much with 40 days to reach its goal.

Since I started writing this post has raised 640 euros and now has reached 7,140 euros. You may be thinking that you think long nose, but is that nobody here is going empty handed. Depending on the money you contribute to the project, from 10 to 200 euros, you get a reward ranging from digital downloads of the album before it goes on sale, a whole pack in addition to several physical copies signed and original songs includes an entry for concert presentation, an invitation to the recording and even your name in the album credits.

This type of sponsorship has already peaked and is exhausted. At the moment they collaborated on the project 187 people and at a pace that will give me a couple of days it has gotten what do you think? To me above all I am surprised that someone who already has a name in the music scene has to resort to this type of initiative, I can not believe that any label would be interested in his next album, although it may be he who does not please.

Surely not the only one who uses this, but what if instead of The Sunday Drivers Jero was Antonio, the lead singer of the group that knows no God? Good luck, Jero, we must recognize that you've thrown eggs.

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