Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kent and Tony, ex-members of The Cadillac's, breaking the silence

Before his retirement from The Cadillac's, singers and songwriters talk about the project that occupies your time today and that helped them close a cycle in their careers, in order to provide more honest music with lyrics. For weeks James Kent and Tony Gonzalez 'got out of the Cadillac' and decided to start road as a duo.

Now known in the musical arena as "The Ultimate Duo", the singers close a cycle, renewing its image and a bunch of songs ready reflected in current rates, which promises to captivate the public. "For some time we realized that we had things in common and we considered the possibility of developing a project together.

Tony and I already had plans when there is a meeting that sought to define the future of the group. Finally, we decided that everyone go his way without using the group name. Then we heard the statement that the group was "restructuring" to meet international market requirements, so Tony and I were out and now our two former teammates will be the Cadillac's, "says Kent.

Commented that the representative of the now defunct quartet issued a statement of separation "was not official" and disrespect to former team members and the public, the fans, the media "who do not deserve a tall tale when the truth is another. " Another reason for its withdrawal was the discomfort that both Kent and Tony felt within the group with which they recorded hit singles such as "I am guilty," "I'm dying," consisting of Kent, "" Alone "and" All the world is crazy ", performed concerts for three years and even traveled to China to an ambitious music video.

"We could not keep doing the work of all, the idea is that we were a team who bring you all and be professional at all," added Kent. The main objective is defined by giving the public an honest musical approach and not cling to a name to be successful. "I want you on stage when we can provide music, singing, dancing, a show of quality.

The public deserves respect and should not be underestimated, "says Tony." We believe in our project and we are working flat out to take it forward "to mean, and ready time since the launch of its first single. No hard feelings with those who are his former colleagues say they will not seek to create discord or enemies, and by supporting those who now make up "The Cadillac's" when in need, "especially with the respect due to the fans and the public who knows us.

" For the artists from San Cristobal and Maracaibo competition is not the north at this time. "While emerging artists to grow and is better for us, a commitment to continue working and looking to make songs and a quality job." Thus, "The Ultimate Duo" comes to the musical arena ... The flag is the musical knowledge, experience and off the stage and each of the facets that serve as artists: Tony is a musician graduate, belonged to the Youth Symphony Orchestra and of Venezuela since age 7, is a percussionist and arranger, Kent, is the poet, he studied theory and sight-reading, composes, plays guitar and regards his companion as "the best singer in the genre today." Via: N / P

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