Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga: "Born This Way" from the new album DCEN

The fateful day has finally arrived! After months of buzz on the web, a huge amount of tweets and other articles published by thousands of web sites, blogs and newspapers around the world, it's finally here. No, this is not the trial of DSK, but actually the second studio album by Lady Gaga. The shell of the new creature "Monster Mama" was finally opened, revealing the planet through its contents.

Well, not quite ... the album was in play since May 18, 2011 on the Facebook page of Samsung Mobile France. But now, "Born This Way" is among us, and as a universal message addressed to the world, we could follow the birth of the album live on Twitter. Listed by Lady Gaga as "the greatest of the decade," the new album by the singer, "Born This Way," now fills with joy to millions of "Baby Monsters.

After much fuss, we would come almost to forget the title of the album. As Lady Gaga we announced throughout his creative careers, this album is dedicated to his fans. They are the source of inspiration of songs of the second solo album by Lady Gaga. With the album "Born This Way", Lady Gaga has tackled a challenge.

Stated objective, do better than "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" and many hits. Indeed, it is through this very successful debut album that Lady Gaga has got a real international recognition. Also, the creation of the album "Born This Way" is nothing quite improvised. However, despite the presence of RedOne, the album "Born This Way" marks a clear distance from the first album by Lady Gaga.

The sounds are more heavy, complex and numerous songs reveal a tangle of synthetic pop sounds. Just like the cover of the album, "Born This Way" is a body half human, half machine. Again, choosing a bike is not quite trivial. Easily found in the titles "Judas", "Scheibe", "Unicorn Highway (Road To Love)" or "Heavy Metal Lover" takes root, near the Hard Rock.

Thus, the album "Born This Way" is not proposing a remake of "Telephone" or "Alejandro". However, we do not change a winning team and found the effects of styles and structures in the songs smoothly already used in the previous album Lady Gaga with a resonance of certain securities 90s.

Several fans, the discovery of the song "Born This Way" had found a small side to the "Express Yourself" by Madonna. Could be considered provided that it was a plagiarism? Nothing justified. And the title was very naturally powered for several weeks top seller in many countries such as USA, France and Australia.

On the merits, Lady Gaga let out a line of provocation in this album. With the arrival of "Judas", Lady Gaga confesses his side with a rock'n'roll melody that fuse sound and atmosphere charged with hypnotic effects. So we find the roots pop that made the success of several tracks from Lady Gaga in the past as the exceptional "Bad Romance." Ditto for the musical recipe for the song "The Edge Of Glory." Lady Gaga is the blending of flavors by creating a pop song boosted by the participation of famous band E Street Band, musicians including Bruce Springsteen and saxophonist Clarence Clemons renowned.

Result of this collaboration: the song is ranked 3rd in Billboard. Early reviews of "Born This Way" quickly appeared on the net. Also, according to the affinities that we can have with this superstar, we can find the album "too commercial", "already seen" or "no interest". With notice also decided, we can nevertheless consider that the new album by Lady Gaga leaves no one indifferent.

Already a bestseller, it is already possible to consider that Lady Gaga has won its challenge in part. The album "Born This Way" is already part of the winners of the decade. Indeed, if the album is essentially a set of homogeneous pop song rather agreed, it reflects an evolution of pop music that gives pride to the immediacy and the web in general.

With over 10 million of "babies" on Twitter, Lady Gaga is the artist who created the most direct link between his thoughts and admirers across the globe. As such, with the album "Born This Way", Lady Gaga became the first pop star of the digital decade. Here is the tracklist of the album "Born This Way" (Deluxe Edition) with 3 bonus tracks and remixes 6: Disc 1: 01 - Marry The Night 02 - Born This Way 03 - Government Hooker 04 - Judas 05 - Americano 06 - Hair 07 - Scheibe 08 - Bloody Mary 09 - Black + jesus amen fashion 10 - Bad Kids 11 - Fashion Of His Love 12 - Unicorn Highway (Road to Love) 13 - Heavy Metal Lover 14 - Electric Chapel 15 - The Queen 16 - You and I 17 - The Edge of Glory Disc 2: 01 - Born This Way (Country Road Version) 02 - Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix) 03 - Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) 04 - Sheib (DJ White Shadow Mugler) 05 - Fashion of His Love (Fernando Garibay Remix) 06 - Born This Way (Joost and Naaf remix)

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