Monday, May 9, 2011

Mr. Chinarro: The past is not just a toy I break to see what is (or three things that have lost their letters)

In a few days if nothing goes awry, will talk about the President, Mr. Chinarro new album, but it is curious to see Antonio Luque losing the spark in one of its most important facets, the lyricist. About the same time that high culture has embraced in his arms (hence, for example, is his recent appearance on Babelia, and is serious even for that) and no one else has to do with the other, we take the disks Old and more recent Chinarro and ...

yes, ignoring my post on headlines and titles of songs, this deserves a "bad times for poetry" ... Says the artist (is the artist?) In a recent interview that he does not want to grow, but the creative subconscious, if that still exists and has not been transformed into pure survival, betrays him and leaves the President some of his lyrics more flat, with less amorous and, ultimately, more boring.

No sign, of course, lyricist able to gather that pool and chocolate mousse to recite only pull that appear through a French existentialist. No, Chinarro will never be to make the ridiculous end up square with how the whole scene just to make sense, as in 'The Map, Thanks': is for checking where you will take all this way, but the lyricist Luque has decided to avoid any land and inexplicable in his songs.

Compare, for instance, the beautiful 'Your place or mine' with the clear and worthy of El Canto del Loco 'A call to action. " Ultimately, and as the issues remain similar, at least when it comes to love and sex, Chinarro seems to force us to decide if we prefer 'Santateresa' (You lean on the car, you wear the skirt right / In the olive groves night, daughter of Santateresa / With your feet first, into the dashboard / lean on the car, you wear the skirt right) or now: If there is something I have always shone lyrics is Chinarro not to force almost nothing to explain everything.

Lyricist before he would appear here and there phrases, sayings with which also played to get around them (remember, for example, Al now, you will come to mind hackneyed phrases that, ahem, I would be very well a Deluxe or Dorian, as when he quotes this about bad girls go everywhere. It must be true that that the idols do not eat.

For me this ... or Jart of opium (or perhaps only in 'Babieca', 'Photos no 'and some other more, we will also put tremendous).

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