Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The new Lady Gaga is now available worldwide

The highly anticipated new album by Lady Gaga, Born this way, went on sale on Monday, worldwide, to the delight of his followers, who until now have had to settle for the first two videos, Judas and The Edge of Glory. The lucky ones, ie the premium account holders Spotify music portal, and could download the album on Thursday, but for the general public is not available until this week.

Such is the expectation that has raised the second studio album Stefenai Angelina Joanne Germanotta (New York, 1986), in Spain the network of FNAC has decided to open its doors at 22.00 local time for eager shoppers. And in the U.S., the Internet sales portal Amazon has dropped the price to download the album on Monday could be had for only 0.99 cents compared to almost $ 12.99 to be paid by the CD format.

Born this way includes 14 songs, which are 17 in the deluxe version (with a CD of remixes and bonus tracks + Black Jesus Amen Fashion, Fashion of His Love and The Queen). In this new project, Lady Gaga maintains the status of "monster mother" (mother monster) of all their fans (which he calls "little monsters"), with a booklet reproducing the delivery seen in the video for this Born way, emerging from a multi-colored acrylic placenta.

An album that also has collaborations with luxuries such as Paul Blair, Jeppe Laursen or Clarence Clemons, E Street musician Bruce Springsteen Band, which appears in the topic The Edge of Glory.

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