Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Football or Festival? Does it cripple the Primavera Sound in the final stage of Champions?

Wayne Coyne, the precursor of that of uniting football and festivals Warn Gabi Ruiz in the Primavera Sound forum that will stand the big stage at the Primavera Sound 2011 at the time you are playing the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester, because: "Most bands do not want football match because they do not want to lose public" Things may seem illogical, but PJ Harvey, Mogwai, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes or should be playing for the duration of the final.

However, it seems that football will again demonstrate that something is the ultimate sport for the masses. Now, what is the right solution? Bars near the festival there is and the grounds of the Spring has always been out to re-enter. However, a cool giant macropantalla Forum may be the most attractive to those attending football fans ...

and will continue to sell beer without stopping. Personally, I do not: I learned to make plans ahead of a Spring is absurd, because the best just being let go. And who knows, it is possible that this may not be Pulp or one of the greatest comeback in the middle of which leave me cold, but Guardiola Crew.

In any case, the vote is yours until next Sunday. On Monday, the results where not worry that everyone will gain something, as in elections. FIGHT! Loading ... Via | ABC and Joanvich twitter

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