Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peter Hook recorded with an unreleased track The Light of Joy Division: guilty of outrage

Peter Hook continues to draw revenues from the brand once Joy Division became New Order better life and if I may say enmierdando memory is one of the biggest bands in popular music has given throughout history the Perfidious Albion. The bass player walked macuniana in 2010 by several countries with a project called Unknown Pleasures.

A Celebration From Joy Division's Peter Hook, of which our fellow Natxo Sobrado jugosísima spoke in a passionate chronicle of his time in Madrid with the unequivocal statement entitled "The holy card scam." Joy Division - Pictures In My Mind by ListenBeforeYouBuy Well, former bassist of reference of the after-punk, author of the most recognizable bass lines and influential in what is called dark music, dark wave or cold wave, still want to cash and discredit the memory of a band that many will we worship.

Peter Hook edited with The Light on the 9th of May a tribute to Joy Division EP entitled 1102/2011 in which the voice is accredited gives Rowetta, who was once lead singer of Happy Mondays. The supposed appeal of this device will be an unfinished and unreleased track Joy Division entitled "Pictures In My Mind '(Soundcloud), although it has the patina of the band who commanded Ian Curtis was unprecedented for something that is not passed quality test, or what should happen now associated with it.

This EP will also include reviews of 'Atmosphere', 'New Dawn Fades' and 'Insight' which in the voice of Rowetta sure desaboridas are not so disastrous as those perpetrated by Mr. Hook nn this unforgettable tour. The public will be a ruling, but for me what made this man should receive the verdict of guilty of outrage.

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