Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Primavera Sound organization ensures that the volcanic plume has not changed

With Primavera Sound 2011 at the volcano Grímsvötn doors and doing our best to make a new chaos airspace ashen Internet rumors began to plague artists on canceled flights and schedule changes. However, the organization has decided to step out of these speculations to deny categorically any change of plan.

Thus, not even your glasses destrocéis pasta because things keep going as it was at least as responsible for the event is not officially rule to say otherwise. Similarly, say they are working to anticipate any problems that might arise from happy volcano. Have you started the puzzle of each year with the times? Natxo Probertoj and Sobrado, which will be sent to our two brave Primavera Sound 2011, and have begun to cry to see who will have to juggle to see what interests them.

But what would a spring and godliness without these cries?

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