Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Published the new edition of REM Life's Rich Pageant with 19 demos and some unreleased cut

REM continue their policy of reissues. While the group continues to promote Collapse Into Now, today announced that July 12 will be released remastered and expanded edition of their fourth album, Life's Rich Pageant. As was the case with Murmur, Reckoning and Fables Of The Reconstruction, in addition to the original album in full, restored, will include a second CD with extra material.

This may not be a direct, but with 19 original demos of songs. While Life's Rich Pageant and Fables is not where the studio recording another could alter the group's ideas, which is reflected in the extra cd has its interest. The bonus will be called The Athens Demos and includes material recorded with producer John Keane in March 1986 with first-versions and a song that did not make the cut of the final drive or rear faces b.

Life's Rich Pageant and I talked about in his day. REM had come with the recording of Fables in a complicated time and record later had to grab a handful of songs already made long ago. However, these and the new album has crystallized into a well thought-minute recording, which left the group about to enter an upper circuit which until then had been moved.

Life's Rich Pageant contains some of the best songs of the band ('I Believe', 'Cuyahoga', 'Fall on Me') and, of course, is that, for me, Michael Stipe is the best possible. If you want to give a comprehensive review of the record, I recommend (of course) that you go by REM Nation and seek in their archives, where there are gems like this study of journalist Tim O'Neil on the disc.

As usual, we will have it reissued the album on double CD or 180 gram vinyl. The tracklist of this reissue is as follows: Disc 1: Original Album

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