Monday, May 9, 2011

Russian Red: "What I do is entertainment, not culture"

Far from any diva pose, Lourdes Hernandez, aka Russian Red, Fuerteventura reappears on Tuesday with their second album, which claims to have turned different moods: "My songs are about common feelings," he says. In 2008 his first album, I love your glasses, became gold record, took her to festivals such as FIB or Primavera Sound, and the following year garnered three nominations at the Music Awards, but she still regarded musician "What I do is entertainment, not culture," he said in an interview with Efe.

In these times you have to find a way to draw attention now to Fuerteventura, whose name is a homage to unforgettable days spent on the island, says moving away part of that sound and that "going to find an album wrapped by the band, less acoustic than the first, with more direct and simple songs.

" Another novelty of Fuerteventura is that, in addition to traditional CD format, will be distributed in a special edition on iTunes, which includes a new song, My song 7, and vinyl. "In these times, with sales so low, must look a little way to attract attention," he says. Recorded in Glasgow and produced in collaboration with Tony Doogan, producer including Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai and Belle & Sebastian, it was with the musicians of the latter with whom he worked.

"At first, he says, I could not believe that they were recording my songs and tomasen it so seriously." From that collaboration, which eventually became "a small family", were born eleven tracks that make Fuerteventura. Lourdes Hernández songs sound has moved to near the 50 and 60, typical of New York artists like Annette, who inspired him.

But apart from the sound and location recording, Russian Red label has changed. After its contentious seal leakage Eureka, Madrid has signed for Sony Music and, although he says not to feel worried, thought to be "inevitable" criticism of his jump to a multinational. Meanwhile, prefers to think of the facilities that this change of scenery will allow him, like going out of Spain to submit their best record songs or video clips.

In fact, just returned from a small U.S. tour. UU. and before settling in Spain act in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan, on 9, 10 and 11 June. Compared to other singers who jumped on stage after his presentation in 2008, as Alondra Bentley and Zahara, Hernandez admits that while he's doing songs are still in English, not "rule out" that in the immediate future is passed into Castilian.

But for now focuses on the short term, because, she says, "I want to continue with the tour, see what surprises in store for me, see where in the world get the album, while continuing with the composition of new songs, which necessary to avoid feeling "outdated." His next concerts in Spain will be on May 14 in Pontevedra, 19 in Barcelona, 20 in Valencia, 21 in Seville and Vitoria 26.

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