Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Plan: Jet Lag May or Mary with Natasha Bedingfield?

For the first time in their career, the band Simple Plan Quebec recorded a song in French. The title "Jet Lag" is part of their new album, to be titled "Get Your Head On." Simple Plan offers two versions of the song with two different singers, the first English-speaking, with Natasha Bedingfield and a second, French, with singer Mary May The song "Jet Lag" is the official first single from the new album Simple Plan, "Get Your Head On." Simple Plan should mark the feast of music since the group's 2011 album scheduled for release June 21, 2011.

For the first single from Simple Plan has chosen to offer two versions of his fans, one in French and another in English each with its own charming asset. Indeed, the choice of Simple Plan's song "Jet Lag" takes us on a sensual impression of the melody voice and interpretations of such size.

Marie Mai, already largely distinguished career in Quebec Natasha Bedingfield, the two female performers take us to their ways, doing the "Jet Lag" a catchy song. "Jet Lag" also marks a first for Simple Plan. The group never recorded song in French before. Marie Mai finished promoting his album "Version 3.0", which we mentioned in our music reviews Also, the choice of singer Marie Mai fits perfectly with the music of Simple Plan.

The song "Jet Lag" is produced by Brian Howes, who had previously produced the track "Can not Keep My Hands Off You", with the participation of singer Weezer, Rivers Cuomo. For the rest, "Jet Lag" will soon be available on video. Of course, the artwork will be available in two versions Plan was in Toronto with singers Marie-Mai and Natasha Bedingfield to shoot two videos of "Jet Lag", there are still a few days.

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