Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starliners: fiery rock on I Love You but yet

The future of French rock is not created only a handful of trendy clubs in Paris. It is clear in this movement that moves the group Startliners. This quartet from the South of France offers a first single "I Love You but yet" in anticipation of the release of their debut album "Hello" in the coming year.

Starliners evolves in this new rock scene that also spirited uninhibited. Like many "baby rockers, Hugo, Jean-Baptiste, Oliver (aka Twist) and Tony grew up listening to records of their" children of rock 'parents, without confining themselves to the registry of the "revival" nostalgic .

The musical universe Starliners is a nice mix of pop melodies elegantly carved, at the height of the best productions of Anglo-Saxon times. Originating from Arles, Startliners have decided to unite their destinies in 2007. The absence of rules does not exclude some form of discipline, the four musicians commitment to their project, is tracking down a place to rehearse and record.

Proud of their music, one of their demo reaches the ears of staff Michel Drucker who invites them to participate in his show Sunday "Vivement Dimanche". In full wave "baby rockers, the Starliners choose a low profile. Take their time. In 2009, Starliners have honed their songs with persistence, they won a contract with AZ / Universal and that's embedded in the first part of the tour "LovaLova" of Superbus.

The Starliners have scoured the halls. To their credit, they have 35 dates in the first part of Superbus Zenith and many of those first games as Sum 41, plasticine, My Chemical Romance and a few others. This experience has given them wings. The Starliners prepares to release their first album.

"This album tells the passage from adolescence to adulthood" summarizes Hugo. The group promised to return to their album a perfect mix of their various musical passions. Their debut album "Hello" released in September 2011 and will consist of 11 tracks including 3 in English. The album "Hello" was directed by Frédéric Lo known for his collaborations with Pony Pony Run Run or Florent Pagny.

The first single from the album "I Love You But Still," an elegant lightness, is just one taste they invite you to enjoy. They distill their choruses sometimes tinged mist "post new-wave" they play just for fun and to seduce us to build a bridge between yesterday and tomorrow.

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