Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taylor Swift video for 'Mean': time puts us all on our site

Taylor Swift is one of those rare birds that populate the commercial fauna surrounded by vultures and flamingos dyed feathers and not hit them or the artificial or the vulgarity of many of their winged companions. With its more than worthy third album, Speak Now, this shy-looking young hot little voice has been climbing gradually to become one of those artists that are worth consider.

'Mean' is the third single from the album, and although there is already a room - 'The Story Of Us' -, the corresponding video was made to wait a little longer. The song reflects perfectly what we can find on your hard outline a proposal extremely simple, country air with a subtle but well-seasoned and personal letters without ornaments ornate baroque embellishment or unnecessary.

The video of 'Mean' shows us a Taylor Swift telling the sad stories of those who have suffered in the flesh social exclusion under specially given to hijaputez such as school or work. This is something I have done others like Pink with a little too hard and dramatic, so grateful that address the issue from a certain point of view cartoonish and freshness.

That for the desktop we have soap operas daily.

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