Thursday, May 12, 2011

Venezuelan actress Daniela Bascopé prepares solo album

On 1 June, the Venezuelan artist release through their website, their first album "Come", which wanders through different rhythms such as bossa nova, electronica, alternative pop and world music . His first album as a singer, you can download for free and, of course, is beginning to hear some tunes. Since 2010, Bascopé has been writing and composing various songs that the artist describes as short stories dealing with issues that have influenced his life and those around her.

"This album has been another avenue through which I managed to express myself. But not only that: it is also a way for which I thanked Venezuela for supporting me all that much. This is my gift to everyone, "says the artist. His colleagues and friends who have heard the recording material, think about it: According to Leonardo Padrón, "Daniela's first album is a remarkable surprise.

It exudes personality, fingerprint, creative freedom. A proposal serene honestísima, full of atmosphere, playful mood and sensuality. " Frank Quintero, Venezuela's highly acclaimed songwriter, says that the disc is "well produced and has good taste. A proposal is sincere, delicate, impeccably made ...

good songs, arrangements and excellent planning and execution. "His great friend, Mariaca Semprun, not far behind:" If I had to define it would work with one word: personality. I can say with pride and admiration, was born a great singer Venezuela! ". Also, Roque Valero would not stop and publicly expressed opinion that "Daniel never cease to amaze me.

Besides great actress, now in this new stage of his career as a singer / songwriter musical opens a new window to the future of the music produced in our country. It is a unique album, authentic, sincere. I have no doubt that anyone who hears it will be seduced by such a voice. " Success for this young and talented artist and good wishes on your upcoming projects.

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