Monday, May 23, 2011

Violet White: a "Summertime" pop-dance discover

Switzerland is preparing the summer to the sound of "Summertime," the new song Violet White. Released last few weeks, as has already conquered many listeners in Switzerland. "Summertime" is, in fact, available on many music compilations of the country. Violeta White is a singer of Russian origin that has a pop dance music effectively and completely in tune with the times.

Russian-born artist, asserts Violeta White for several years as a singer but also a musician, producer and creator of her songs. Born in the eastern fringes of Russia in a small town called Solnechnyi, "The Sunny", very close to the Amur River, the journey from a young age through Russia and stayed in Cyprus, England before asking his bags in Switzerland.

Upon his arrival in Switzerland, she founded several groups. That's when she met Pascal Brunkow, including producer of "Rise up" the hit by Yves Larock. Music Violeta White reflects his personal journey and his motto is "My life is music and my music is my life." Confident in its potential, it advances to unsure about the path she has chosen.

Her new single "Summertime" is already one of the most acclaimed titles of compilations House in Switzerland. Violeta White finds inspiration in his joy of living in tune with the times and the people around him. So many simple things we really all need.

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