Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Voices for Freedom

It 'available in stores this compilation Voices for Freedom, 2010 - "A Song for Amnesty." The history of child abuse in the home told with grace and incisivit from the pen of one of our most beloved songwriters, Carmen Consoli, "My Uncle" the song that allowed her to win the prize Amnesty Italy in 2010, and also the song which introduces the annual compilation of commemorative items for freedom.

Unlike other years, in addition to the pieces of the finalists participating in the competition for the emerging hard it hosts the winner of the PAI, in addition to the contributions of these artists are not in competition with four days of last year: Paola Turci, winner of the PAI in 2006 with the song included here, "Rwanda", the disturbance with "Mao Zeitung, witty reflection on a world ever more globalized and less human, the young Heike Has The Giggles the vehemence with rock 'n' roll" Sh! "! A choice that has its roots in the need to tell more in a broad spirit of "Voices for Freedom - A song for Amnesty," a stage where bands and reality are already well established in common by the humanitarian spirit of that universal language that characterizes the music.

The lion's share, as it should be entrusted to the new generation: the Little Orchestra Karasci, winner of Amnesty Emerging Italy with "Beshir", a poetic story of a desperate and courageous crossing of the Mediterranean by a immigrant executed in time with folk bands, the winner of the CriticaGiorgio Barbarotta struggling with the songwriting of "Bal Ashram", a song on the homonymous Indian community that provides shelter for disadvantaged children, the winners of the Popular Jury, Phrom & TMTM, with their mixture of rap and heavy rock denouncing the social ties that can mortify the dignity of the individual.

And again, the rock Thisorder ("Late Empire", dedicated to Neda, girl killed during the demonstrations following the presidential elections in Iran in 2009) and the sonority of the Mediterranean Corima ("New Medicine" on tricks used by power to control the lives of individuals). In closing, a brief snippet that comes straight from the stage of Villadose, which Paola Turci frames, thanking the experience of Voices for Freedom and its course more than a decade now.

Tracklist: 01. "My Uncle" - Carmen Consoli02. "Beshir" - Piccola Orchestra Karasci03. "The new circus" - Small Orchestra Karasci04. "Rwanda" - Paola Turci05. "Bal Ashram" - George Barbarotta06. "The hunter of dreams" - George Barbarotta07. "Mao Zeitung - Perturbazione08. "Black Rain" - Prhome & TMTM09.

"Your story" - Prhome10. "Sh!" - Heike Has The Giggles11. "Late Empire" - Thisorder 12. "Blood On The Wheel" - Thisorder13. "New medicines" - Corim14. "Mirrors" - Corimbonus trackPaola Turci For Amnesty

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