Monday, May 23, 2011

'Who You Are' is the new single from Jesse J: teaching the more intimate side

Jessie J has spent much of his career writing and composing songs for others who have brought good revenue. Six years, she says, is what it took to compose the themes of his own album, Who You Are, a priori interesting debut but on the whole too reminiscent of other artists and moving trying to find a style that I feel better than any of the small shoes of your tracklist.

'Who You Are', the title track to the disc, has been chosen as the fourth single, thus showing the softer side of the album in which the letter is uplifting staff more or less success. The singer has always said it was obliged to one of the singles, and that she is the highest court of the album.

Live wins the whole song, especially to appreciate the vocal power that has Jessie J and that is the least noticeable on the recording. Seizing the moment, Britain has talked about how it addresses the possibility by preparing a new album, and has preferred the more poetic side of the case.

For her songs floating around - exact words - and not about making or not making records, but all that is writing is a journey, and at some point choose the best you have to make an album. From this we must make it clear that possible if this writing with a view to a new job before they blow away this long-awaited debut but so, unfortunately, discreet.

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