Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 +1 questions for which see or not to Bjørn Torske at Sonar 2011

After the face to see us in doubt whether to go or not to Dizzee Rascal concert at Sonar plays radically change sides. Now we pick up a ticket, ignore the ash that is in the sky and are planted in Norway to see who is this guy Bjørn Torske. Sonar 2011 is a rather tough this year but not soft version is nothing sloppy.

Bjørn Torske glad to many who I like electronic sounds calmer. On top is a friend of Röyksopp. Any reason to give the "read more"? Yes, here are 11. Bjørn Torske - Sexy Disco (YouTube) Bjørn Torske - Spelunker (YouTube) Bjørn Torske - Slitter Sko (YouTube)

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