Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Treo: three voices coming to fall in love with a unique sound

After its success, both in Venezuela and the United States, with songs like "Stick", "Doll" and "to mourn the other hand, the Treo guys are promoting their new single" Fall in love "with which betting rescue romance. After placing his songs in the top of the Billboard chart, being 4 months rotating in the raking of HTV and reach more than 2 million hits on YouTube with his video, Treo is ready to offer more than "that sound crazy" that characterizes them and keeps them stuck.

His new album promises to be a journey of rhythms, and although not named, will be officially launched next July. No one can speak of without mentioning Treo, which they reached with the Venezuelan public, caught the attention of American audiences, which is making people dance in clubs and playing on the radio.

"It's the song that gives us insight into all sides (...) is the springboard that led Treo would be known. We have 5 years working as a group, but because the issue was that people turned around and said hey this group is good! "Says Chuck. For his part, Danny admits that making this theme played their last round but "without throwing in the towel" because "we all out" and further believes that such force that reflects the "Stick" makes people want " jump, jump and shout (...) no wedding or club that does not put the song.

" The romance of King, the Latin tinge of Chucho and rock'n'roll influence of Danny Daniel are operated to provide the public with a unique sound that distinguishes them. Therefore, from the beginning have tried to give each one of their songs sound interesting. "We try to create a musical identity that is the most difficult grouping to last in time" says Chuck, however, said they have achieved that identity.

"People hear a song and say that's Treo, and that means that he is creating that identity." "We're not looking for the sides, we are worrying about what we're doing on stage or on the disc you'll find three different proposals but they sing together, that's what I liked," says Danny. Apart from such diverse influences ranging from the English group The Beatles, Ricardo Arjona, Luis Miguel, Luis Fonsi, Franco De Vita, Jerry Rivera, Juan Gabriel, among others, King provides balance, subjectivity and Chucho Danny Latin touch that make these three voices are different but consistent.

With balloons, banners and chocolates await your love to the public new single whose video and was also named the Hot 18 Ranking of HTV. "The issue is extremely driven, romantic and beautiful," says King. "Fall in Love" will be one of the 13 tracks that make up their new album, although unnamed, will be officially launched next July.

Concerning the name, explained that they want to "tick a disk with the name of a song, rather want to be able to capture in a word, everything will find it musically. "This album is a journey, suddenly you're going to get through days where it's raining, maybe there's another day protest in the street and the other is completely happy (...) is a real journey of rhythms," explains Danny.

For his part, King says it will also highlight the messages conveyed in every song because they speak the truth and "things that he felt the whole world." Treo will be in the coming days in Cumana, Merida, San Cristobal, among other states by publicizing "Fall in Love", which also expect to sign autographs and share a little more with their fans.

They will also expect the United States and projects in countries like Colombia and Bolivia, where they have achieved a great acceptance.

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