Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Extremoduro - Material failure: how much talent!

Innate is that the law was a great album. Okay yes, we all agree but here we have been talking about defective equipment, the new album by Extremoduro that today, May 24 has been released (well, that is to say, because my city has not arrived in the distribution of the morning.) Robe Iniesta and Iñaki 'Uoho' Anton have returned to doing what has given them the win.

Absolute freedom, take it or leave it, because Extreme remains one of the most profitable state rock. I do not know if they have done well, I think so, but to me the duties of the six themes that contains defective material used for discovering to me the talent and creativity of El Rey de Extremadura, who have next to Uoho has grown as a composer and the group has achieved a disarming sound quality.

And back to Innate Law is inevitable, we do not have movement, or a concept or what resembles it, but like it a musical, after which there are many hours of study, polishing, adding detail and in aggregate, enriching the songs. What is more tranquil, no cane as of old, but why? Extremoduro are on another level, in an interesting maturity that other rock bands with their national history can not even dream to achieve.

Alert themselves to the official website: Defective Material is 43 minutes of absolute quality and we show how to advance the theme "Suicide Tango" (GoEar), a detail of Robe for the fans also created an expectation that unusual, I think a good post-marketing exercise. Are purely Extremoduro 8:08 minutes.

That letter genuinely Robe Iniesta, combining pure rock passages with other hundred per cent of rock singer. There's nothing left, no underlining saxophones and not drown, and the variety of guitars that has gotten Uoho is to pay attention. "No one has rung to the minute 4 a bit to the tune of 'A Fire'? With those MINUTES, the least tough issue comes close to the 5 ½ minutes, and the most lasting 8:37, therefore there is no single, or a special mix for radios.

A Extremoduro leaves him free choice between the six new songs. Defective material has been published on vinyl (includes CD), CD and digital downloads. Three issues per side, in the case of LP, the A-side opens with 'Uprooting' (GoEar). A cut with a letter very quedona very Robe also carefully prepared and instrumentation at first left a tad misplaced, and this gives us a vocal performance chapeau.

Uoho solo at the last minute is also the house brand. "My undying spirit '(GoEar) begins as a ballad but then recognize the imprint and familiarity Extremoduro especially innate law. The issue is to you first, and soon repeat some of his verses. We found here a very resultón female vocals.

It could be a hypothetical single, not so accessible, so are all the courts but by the construction of the subject. "Another pointless song for peace '(GoEar) is destined to anthem. It is a powerful ballad in which the keyboards and guitars underlie disarming hear phrases like "make a wish I want you to hate comes from within, make a wish I want to change this world so ugly ...." Whoever says that Extreme have been domesticated to hear the sax solo show of hands for the last minute and a half is a marvel.

And the B side opens with "If you go ... '(GoEar), the longest track record and one of my favorites, which begins again with gentle guitars and Robe Iniesta troubadour plan urban, rural or look you, who talk about flowers. We hear strings, keyboards and we tore their clothes. Is taking shape and chorus convinces me "if you go I stay in this dead end ..." The memory of innate law back to float in the subconscious, and one turns to say how much talent this man has when write their texts.

Tango suicide after the disc is closed, yes, it's over with 'Calle Esperanza s / n' (GoEar), a symphonic tad halftime with Robe whispering at times, strings as if it were a symphonic group, and other display guitar-Uoho, who stays at home. And nightmare of his label, which forced them to edit the disc at this time of year when they had finished several months ago to play Extreme Against: On the one hand it is well.

The typical piece of promotional copy absurd that the media is a real waste of time. Do not give interviews or press conference has output do not think they subtract media presence, specialized or not there is no new photos force us to pull the file. But there is no tour is unforgivable, with the desire we have to see them live.

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