Monday, May 9, 2011

Adam & Eve: "Nothing Ends" in video

S's'accélère things around the new upcoming musical Pascal Obispo, Adam & Eve. After introducing the song "Nothing Ends", played by Thierry Amiel and Cylia, here, to give us a foretaste of the work around this new project, we will not see on stage in 2012, the video clip of "Nothing Ends". Ten years after the dazzling success of the "Ten Commandments", Pascal Obispo revisits the story of Adam and Eve and offer them a "second chance" with a new story.

The first song of this new musical is "Nothing Ends" performed by Thierry Amiel and Cylia. The new production will begin in Pascal Obispo early next year at the Palais Des Sports in Paris. After "Dracula" revisited by Kamel Ouali, "Adam and Eve: Second Chance" is a story full of poetry and modernity that inspired the first love story of our humanity.

In other roles in the musical "Adam & Eve, we get Solal, which had been discovered in the show" Mozart Opera Rock Dove Attia. He plays the role of Solus, the lord of the City of Eden. The tickets to "Adam & Eve" are in sales since March 22. The first performances are announced for January 31, 2012 at the Palais des Sports.

After a series of video buzz, including the presentation of the main actors of the show, we finally got the first clip. A video which undoubtedly will delight all fans of Thierry Amiel and Cylia!

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