Monday, May 9, 2011

Russian Red, video for 'I Hate You But I Love You': accept no imitations

Lourdes Hernández is split into several similar-looking girls in her new video, like after the success with his debut I love your glasses, three years ago, there were a lot of imitators in the national indie scene. Or at least there were those who took advantage of the vein of a young girl singing English folkie.

I continue staying with his soulful voice. Russian Red joined Sony recording went to Scotland accompanied by Charlie Bautista and four musicians from Belle & Sebastian (Stevie Jackson, Richard Colburn, Mick Cooke Bobby Kildea) and under the production of Tony Doogan shaped his second Fuerteventura disk, which is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 10.

Classic sound, back to the 50 and influences of Phil Spector we are in their first single 'I Hate You But I Love You'. We'll hear a lot about this year's Russian Red, I can finally see it live in the next BBK Live, though I doubt that a festival is the perfect setting. And you, what you love or hate? Notice that it is easy to fall in love.

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