Thursday, May 5, 2011

Alejandro Fernandez will return to Venezuela

Alejandro Fernandez returned to Venezuela after his presentation last February in Caracas Polyhedron Parking Lot. Three cities will be able to listen to the foal in this opportunity Maracaibo on 30 June in Valencia Events Centre on Friday 1 July at the Forum and the Terrace of the CCCT on Saturday 2 July.

Fernandez last year launched Revolution Two Worlds Live which offers live versions of Two Worlds, presented in 2009. It was learned that tickets will go on sale starting this Saturday. In Caracas can be purchased through Tuticket. com, Recordland Sambil Esperanto San Ignacio, Piso 5 CC Tolon, Tecniciencia Sambil and CCCT.

For more information go through www. emporiogroup.

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