Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Andrés Calamaro concert in Gijón (Teatro de la Laboral, 05/21/2011): rock & roll attitude

Those who profess the religion squid, Andres Calamaro to understand, we are always in suspense with the next steps of our idol. Was not sure of myself when I heard that the tour of Argentina was to pass Gijón, given that On The Rock is one of the landmarks of his career, I do not know if the bigger but as the last is the most I have this .

Maybe that's why Calamaro has decided, at the Teatro de la Laboral did, without his repertoire last bite in his entire discography for not staying in a disappointment. That only made one item at a set-list of 22 items is a clear sign that this genius has managed to make amends. Gijón concert began with rock intensity, as he remembered his first tour, with three guitars on stage and three subjects infallible: a medley of 'Who will cook the butter? " and 'High dirt' and 'salmon'.

The sound output was overwhelming and so continued throughout the concert. Then, as if to shake off his last studio, we played 'The Divine' and holy Easter. 'Mi Cobain (Superjoint)', more hardened than the original, linked us with the last good album of kid, the popular language at the end would come again to make 'The boys' between the excitement of the audience.

Great song was one of the magical moments of the night. And then began to pull classics: rock & roll in the vein of 'My own trap', in brutal honesty, to 'I can not forget', the melancholic 'Rumbo wrong' and 'Yours ever' of salmon, that's what ends to republish a summary of that work under the title Salmonalipsis expansive Now.

He stopped in Los Rodríguez and 'A love song' and if so far the audience was polite, "Aztec Stadium", put the theater on its head. All the stalls and upper floors up singing this great song with a capital, and another momentazo, like 'I love you the same', another cut of brutal honesty.

Then he got nostalgic with '7 Seconds', another gem Rodríguez, Julián Infante remembering and William Martin. And tempered candles when 'The Day You Love Me "that versioneó in The Palace of the flowers. Then another nod to the red disk and "Longing in Plaza Francia ', another ballad, part time, prior to the final.

Salmon returned to rescuing the forgotten 'Short but wide', and new rock & roll, and eye, good luck in Los Rodríguez dusting birds flying by '100 '. 'No documents' was becoming inevitable and no one is wanted to sit in the seat, 'different day', again vindicated his five-album, and the inevitable 'Paloma'.

Around backstage was for 'Perfect Crime' and 'Skinny'. In total ninety minutes of great rock that reconciled us with the teacher Calamaro, much more focused than on previous occasions.

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