Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The BBK Live 2011 closes its bill with Les Savy Fav, The Twilight Singers, Japanese Voyeurs, and Enkor

Few concerts at this time can give me so scared to see from the front lines as Les Savy Fav. We all know what this bald bearded with the sort of mad scientist is able to do both on and off stage. Yes, well, the show is insured, guaranteed laughter but from a little further back as better, lest they pull you up naked.

It is one of the four names that the BBK Live 2011 gives its full lineup and, therefore, we can stop dreaming of all those bands that in recent weeks there was speculation they could be at the festival in Bilbao because they coincided dates with other festive Portuguese. Now we can say that the fish was already sold, only missing a small gap to fill and, well, not so bad, I do not recall any other issue that I looked so funny priori.

And the DJs are still missing. That we will have Greg Dulli is always good news. I would have preferred with Mark Lanegan The Gutter Twins in (not to speak of a return to the stage of The Afghan Whigs), but I said that only dreams. Steps come to introduce Dynamite, the album has launched this year with his current band The Twilight Singers.

It had been five years since I spent in Europe. A Japanese Voyeurs I have not the pleasure of knowing, just know that, despite its name, is a London quintet that has released this year. Their concert will be Saturday, as well as the Bilbao fans Enkor California punk rock in the vein of Green Day and The Offspring.

Obtained direct passport to play at the festival by winning the last competition models EiTB Gaztea station. A pity that the first and end up playing many of us lose, but still, a golden opportunity to play such a big stage. Well, it's time to give us your opinion about the cartel. A heterogeneous think not win any, but this time they have completely forgotten about the metal.

See you there on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July or not?

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