Monday, May 16, 2011

The bassist of the pop band La Buena Vida San Sebastian died in a car accident

The Good Life group has lost with the death in a traffic accident of bassist Pedro San Martin, a "very lively, cheerful and dynamic," a musician "restless, passionate and full of character." This has defined the group's keyboardist San Sebastian, Jose Luis Lanzagorta, San Martín, after declaring that he was still "crippled" by the news of the death of the musician.

Efe Lanzagorta explained that San Martín, 39, was the last weekend in a cottage with some friends, including guitarist, Javier Sanchez, and suffered an accident while returning to the housing after attending a concert Nacho Vegas in Burgos. Since then, the keyboard has received phone calls of condolence, but especially common emails from friends expressing their condolences.

Lanzagorta San Martín met in 1993 when he began sharing a room in San Sebastian each with their group. Six years later began working with The Good Life when asked what they needed a pianist to make some direct. San Martín was one of the heads of the San Sebastian group can not speak "in depth" of the beginnings of the band in late 80's, but said that San Martin went from being only bassist to gradually take more prominence in the start composing and arranging.

It was, he says, one of the heads of the group with guitarist Mike Sanchez and Javier Aguirre, the latter also the voice behind Valencia Irantzu progress. Bassist of The Good Life in Bilbao studied economics and spent a short period of practice in London, but except for that stage has always lived in his city, which took the name of the movement called Donosti Sound, which also includes its group.

Pedro San Martin, who lived in the neighborhood of Amara, worked at a company Orio because, as the other members of the band, the music did not give to live. However, his dedication to the group was "full" and input "fundamental," says Lanzagorta, which also refers to bass as a person of musical tastes "very eclectic." Was "always very positive, motivated, warm and a music enthusiast," says keyboardist, who explains that San Martin took advantage of virtually every weekend to attend concerts and music festivals.

"Returning from a concert that has come," he laments. Add that never attended the proceedings "passively", but used to establish "a lot to do in the backstage with musicians from other groups." "Already we're seeing now in social networks, there is a pile after pile of people in Spain who knew him because he was always at every concert.

He was very sociable, he was always making relationships and having fun," he notes.

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