Monday, May 16, 2011

Moby: "Most of the themes of 'Destroyer' composed in moments of insomnia"

"It's an album that I prepared for the tour and most of the songs were composed at 3 or 4 in the morning in hotel rooms, when he suffered from insomnia," the New York musician Moby speaks well of his latest work, Destroyed, which is published on Monday. Two years after edited Wait for Me, Moby has an album full of emotion considered in the night and empty towns inspired him, as he confessed in a telephone interview with Efe.

Of the two hundred songs I wrote, I chose fifteen "The previous album was waiting for me, had a very environmentally sound, but this is far more mail," he says, adding that while listening to all kinds of electronic music, has been to the seventies that influenced him most Destroyed. Groups like the New York Silver Apple, the band's electro punk duo Suicide DAF or together with the Germans first Kraftwerk album, were his main reference when composing.

Recorded in his studio in Manhattan, New York, Richard Melville, his real name, wrote nearly two hundred songs before starting the selection process. "Of those two hundred and fifty subjects went down, and finally chose fifteen" he explains. One, Be the one, has been included in the soundtrack of the film the next three days, directed by Paul Haggis, something that Moby admits she feels proud.

One of the novelties is that Destroyed is published with a book of photographs taken by the artist himself. Moby says he likes to document almost everything and for that reason, it has been separated from the camera since I was ten. "I wanted to show the world the dark side of the road.

Many people think they are glamorous and exciting, but they are really hard and strange," he says about these images. I wanted to show the dark side of the world of touring one of them, taken at an airport, illustrates the cover and title track. Shows a bright luggage with the words Unattended Will Be Destroyed, ie, left luggage will be destroyed, he called so much attention to the musician who wanted to immortalize.

These photographs can also see an exhibition that opened this week Moby in New York. On her next concert tour, Moby says that will be composed by 75 percent for older material, taken from albums such as Play, Hotel or 18, leaving the remaining time to play the new songs. "On stage there will be eight musicians and some tracks I will play the guitars, keyboards and percussion," he said.

In late May Moby begin an extensive tour of European cities and festivals, which included two dates in Spain on 19 July in Poble Espanyol (Barcelona) and 29 of the same month in Electroma festival, held in Murcia. But you can listen to new tracks, streaming on the official website of the artist.

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