Saturday, May 14, 2011

Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax: hypersleep Dialogues: a promising prologue

Between the Buried and Me represent perfectly the kind of groups ranging from low to high over his career, understanding the maturation of their sound as a process of growth and expansion, and not as an excuse for the accommodation. His music has become more imaginative, complex and intelligent over the years, and now they are at their ideal we can only celebrate every new release they decide to do.

The Parallax: hypersleep Dialogues is presented as the start of a conceptual whole made up of two albums, with this first half-hour EP and the second a full album in its entirety. So, this is a prelude to something bigger, but it has enough substance to be enjoyed without thinking about what comes next.

And although the launch is made up of only three songs, smaller than eight minutes, so that nothing is growing short. With them the North Carolina group is strengthened further in the creative comfort zone I mentioned before, where the brutal death metal is combined with pinpoint perfection dose of progressive creativity, resulting in a unique fabric.

Between The Buried And Me - 'Specular Reflection' (YouTube, incomplete) Once again, Between the Buried and Me invite us to dive into their intricate technical tide, with songs composed of many passages that are happening and mixing at a rate high . The imagination is again the dominant note in these issues alone are deeper than many full albums.

The result of so much wealth of creativity and technical power, is that despite its mammoth design, these songs of ten-minute half are surprisingly agile in his ear. The final feeling after enjoying the half-hour of energy which arises here is not to be digested three huge boulders sound, but having gone through a passage very well balanced in its duration and intensity levels.

As to the notion that the band intends to introduce in the face of its next long-term, their approach is as confusing as his story, telling the parallel lives of two people who live on different planes of existence. I have really wanted to hear the second part of this work, but it certainly is not knowing how to follow a story that has left me quite indifferent.

The Parallax: Dialogues hypersleep is also the first training launch of the Metal Blade Records, with whom she will work from now on leave of Victory after the Best Of compilation. We therefore face a new stage at the label for the band, but who apparently have no effect on the walking paths that lead creative years.

As we continue to provide jobs bill as flawless as this EP, as we have to give the media from doing so.

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