Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lucía Pérez: "While remaining in the position to be higher or lower, so I removed bailao"

The Eurovision Song Contest is about to begin. Eurovision favorites Hundreds of onlookers have come to Düsseldorf Arena, where from the 21.00 kick off the 56th edition of the festival. I am happy, excited and anxious to get on the stage The Spanish representative, Lucia Perez, has made his recent remarks this afternoon before taking action.

"I am happy, excited and anxious to get on the stage," explained the young Galician, which in recent weeks has had to cope with the results of online gambling Internet and some Eurovision expert opinion that predicted an unfavorable outcome . Perhaps preparing for whatever may happen, Perez also said that while remaining "on the post that is, either 5 °, 10 ° or lower," career "will continue." "Let me take away what bailao" added to paraphrase the title of the song it represents.

Following a Spanish tradition, the singer explained that he had taken a nap "half hour" one hour before, so it is "full of energy." The final performance order for the final of Eurovision Song Contest is: (1) Finland (2) Bosnia & Herzegovina, (3) Denmark, (4) Lithuania (5) Hungary (6) Ireland (7) Sweden (8) Estonia (9), Greece (10) Russia (11) France (12) Italy.

After passing the musical Ecuador, act: (13) Switzerland (14) United Kingdom (15) Moldova (16) Germany (17) Romania (18) Austria, (19) Azerbaijan (20) Slovenia ( 21) Iceland (22) Spain, (23) Ukraine (24) Serbia and (25) Georgia. Music will continue to count on Rumors. is all that will happen.

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