Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miguel Campello - Scrap Dealer: to be longing for a elbicho

Elbicho be a return of, or at least is what they promised their constituents when they announced in 2010 that blew the dismount. Some members went to Candelaria and Miguel Campello, the singer, was launched by the slope of a solo career that has stopped in the station Scrap Dealer. This debut is a worthy successor to elbicho production, and followers of this band will find a link between that and this stadium.

Junkyard seems a priori simple, poorly designed, if you listen to non-legal downloading at 128 kbps, but quality CD and a hi-fi you discover a multitude of details provided by Tino di Geraldo and Guillermo Quero, responsible for production. Perhaps this first installment of Miguel Campello is far more introspective than most of what we are presented with elbicho; tempos are slower, but also cuts that seem to have been in the drawer of Alicante after the break of his band.

Who has familiarity with his previous discography also has to do with the presence of Victor Iniesta, who plays acoustic guitar throughout the album and is one of the thinkers of elbicho, he will also be a mainstay of the live band of El Campello. In Scrap Dealer fewer Triana progressive rock, reggae and swing less and more folk with pop and rock, jazzier touches, world music, programming and the undeniable pinch Andalusian, all reflected through the prism of one of the most interesting artists who gave the music Spanish popular in the last decade, and the best voice, with a capital of fusion music in this country in the XXI century.

The two themes leaked before departure: 'Scrap Dealer "(YouTube) and' Sunrise 'gave us very good spine on the final content of an outstanding album, full of details, twists and turns, contrasts and watermarks, you leave as little comforted after listen. According to Miguel Campello their first full length show "an inner world full of objects and dilapidated surreal life of its own misplaced in the middle of the field under an open sky." Dawn opens the album as well could make an album elbicho closed.

Acoustic guitar, percussion and the loud voice, broken by moments of Miguel Campello filled with lyricism and a tad sad tone, amplified in the next cut. The end with this refrain: "and fly in cold weather like the birds" is priceless, just like the nod to 'Run, run' Hardwood. It's 'Skull' the most devastating issue of Scrap Dealer, an ode to a guy doomed to end badly because of their addictions.

Night Court, cuasiadictivo, as the next 'sheet of paper', which led percussion Tino di Geraldo are spectacular. 'From Elvis' has an introspective tone and bring out the nostalgia that many within. It is one of the best tracks on the album, half time giving a good account of the overwhelming status as composer Miguel Campello.

Exciting and beautiful. 'Snail' is almost one hundred percent elbicho. Its same imagery but a groove quedón under stay drugged. Junk is another of the great moments of the album, with that "I do not regret na" that looks like a chant, the issue is growing little by little, slowly gaining momentum thanks to the unique voice of Miguel Campello and the rich instrumentation .

Live will be quite a find because it will give rise to a lot of improvisation. 'On the corner, "goes down a little the bar together, but it is notable, Spanish guitars add a touch of Manolo Sanlucar and Campello was hoarse as we have seen in times past with elbicho. In 'fading' introspection turns and a touch jazz-prog, there's even a flugelhorn, and mark this junk and letters, which are 50% of a huge platter.

The ending is also very elbicho live. 'Carita de Cans' is the only track that descends from the fourth minute, more airy thanks to Deborah Henriquez harp and a female chorus, is a beautiful miniature. 'Do not ask me' has a piano teacher, Josep Mas, Kitflus, member of the Iceberg progressive rock, keep the tone of the album but the instrumentation is much more than the previous jazzie.

The lyrics are superpegadiza and is one of the most affordable of all cuts. And Scrap Dealer closes with 'The same story' (YouTube) Another great theme with rock instrumentation tad in the beginning just engulfed in magma schedules served by Guillermo Quero. Posts expenses, if you want to do with a copy of the album I recommend the special edition DVD includes all the videos made by Miguel Campello and his wife Elvira Mena, which is wrapped in a beautiful rectangular box with a spectacular design booklet .

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