Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyoncé calls women to a revolution in his new clip

After a long silence, the release of Beyonce's new album has a date. Ebony goddess has announced that his next album, entitled 4, hits stores June 28. However, their fans can now enjoy a preview of the album: the music video for the single Run the World (Girls) (Lead the world, girls), a combination of pop, r & b, martial rhythms and African combined with images of soldiers, Wiggles to Shakira and even a bull.

This is a theme that the artist intended to "incite a revolution of women", she explained. Beyoncé revealed in an interview with Billboard magazine to Run the World (Girls) has been criticized for having lyrics aggressive and be more 'risky' than his previous work. But she loved it when he first heard: "It was a little African, a little electronic and futuristic.

It reminded me what I want, it is to mix different cultures and eras that are not normally go together, to create new sounds" . For the title of their fourth album, Beyonce has chosen a number with a great meaning for her: 4. "We all have issues in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It is the day I was born.

It is also the birthday of my mother and many friends also. The April 4 is the date of my wedding," he explained to the media. To make this album I listened a lot to Jackson 5, Adele and Fela Kuti She Billboar also revealed that his new album was inspired by old and new artists including characters as diverse as the British or Fela Kuti Adele.

"I listened a lot to the Jackson 5 but also more contemporary music such as Adele, Florence & The Machine and Prince. I added my influences from hip-hop and you can see how wide the sound." In the interview he also stated that has not yet found a substitute for his manager, who until recently was his father and that she fired him.

"I think parents prepare their children for the moment that they have to fend for themselves, at this point, I took everything my father and my mother taught me and I am ready to do things my way."

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