Friday, May 20, 2011

Extremoduro: "We will not give interviews or concerts"

The idolized rock band Extremoduro has made clear on Friday, in a statement, not intended to support the launch of its new album, defective material, for any promotional event. In addition, training notes that will not organize concerts or recording video clips. The press release is brief: "There is new video, no interviews, no press, no comment text from the new album, no new pictures Hagro not tour, but this album has the 6 (SEIS!) Extremoduro new songs.

"Why would we want more?? The statement also recalled that the new group's CD will hit stores on May 24. Following the publication three years ago innate law, the band led by Iniesta Robe had fallen into a dark silence. Now the band has released an album of short duration (six issues, although some of them more than 8 minutes).

Some have interpreted the new album as soon as a sign of wear and tear of having captained during nearly two decades a scene copied over and over again. His first single, which can be heard on its website, seeks to explore new boundaries through a strange twist to the tango. It is only the beginning.

The song recovers half The unmistakable sound track and tormented the universe of Robe.

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