Friday, May 20, 2011

Klaus & Kinski concert in Gijón (LABoral, 14/05/2011): there was the rhythm of the night

Like water and oil, as day and night, nothing to do with the other time I saw them live two years ago in the Collegiate San Juan Bautista de Gijón in Cycle Intersections, on that occasion Klaus & Kinski surprised me very positively, but the so-called Night of the Museums in Gijón last Saturday I found another band.

The scenario in which they played, the chill of the Center for Arts and Creative Industries, juice against him. Sounded fatal, I do not know if the technician, which Marina said they had picked up in Madrid after leaving at 5 in the morning of Murcia, which was not his night or poor acoustics, the fact is that Klaus & Kinski wrecked from beginning to end.

They are one of the most interesting indie bands and two state records, Your fire is burning and Earth, Swallow, are essential and recommended albums. Have had very good reviews and has received direct all compliments of specialists. It was a bad night and although the owner would "and suddenly he was the public," which was actually what happened as they passed the minutes of action: the group was playing with four cats, a friend Vega, with whom I met Festival do Norte also gave me the headline: "It was the rhythm of the night." Perhaps many miles over so many bowling made reluctantly, so few for so much effort had revenues of pass bill.

Seventy minutes and a lot of issues were shelling of Murcia, with Marina just sly but with little thanks. And my partner said it Natxo Sobrado in the chronicle of her concert in Madrid, or a large group or a bad day. In the capital was the first in Gijon was the latter. The elements remain the same: shoegaze on issues such as Ronnie O'Sullivan, "" Crucifixion, the solution ',' Never you measure up 'or' Law and morality ', it's their second album.

By contrast, the quartet also delves into the noise, never better, smeared with electronics in the opening 'I was like that when I', which to me sounded very funeral, 'You're a scoundrel "and" Shine like a star '. The last minutes were spent hits 'rock out', 'Mengele and love', 'Flash-back to front', after 'Mom did not want to go to school', they closed the encore with 'Rhythm of the Night' it was not just invited us going home dejected by this bad experience.

Next time, I have full confidence.

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