Friday, May 20, 2011

Melendi gave his soul and stole the heart of Caracas (+ photos)

The Spanish singer Melendi shivered all night last Thursday, in the amphitheater of Sambil, printed with a show of emotion, energy and dynamism that kept the crowd on its feet all night, which caused some euphoria, excited or maybe heated decided to remove his clothes. The grouping Rawayana made the show's opening with his first production "license to be free" with songs like "Something Different", "Blue Fire" and "Bay" very good stage presence, reveal that the Venezuelan talent also moved emotions.

At 8 pm, with fans packed the arena with a big play of light and sound impeccable; Melendi told his audience: "Good evening, Venezuela, to tell you that I love, you are very strong (...) say I'm in love with you and your country, so I start again today! "With these words the Spaniard stood in Caracas stage before an audience shocked, that did not stop to accompany him on his songs.

The stands waved flags of Venezuela, Asturias and Spain in tribute to the nationality of the singer and show of affection for our country. "Let's see if the girls feel identified with this I'm going to sing now:" If I look at a girl, you start sulking if not, I say "stop pretending" The fact is that never, either items like played todosMelendi a fresh start, to the bone, Rain, Walking through life, Street Pantomime, Barbie's suburbs, accompanied by an excellent band of musicians who set the rumba rabble that usually the artist.

"It is true that love is beautiful, but sometimes love hurts a lot, and to overcome it, we need a cage, maybe that is a sea cage to forget ... Melancolemia Gentlemen: The purpose of this letter is to ask you not come back to the pie has shed the candles and do not heat the kitchen or curtains are drawn or if you want to go and by mice in the kitchen.

And sometimes a cage probably gives us the freedom of the cage to talk is a bar, to forget. So the amphitheater burst of excitement to accompany the artist to the rhythm of the rumba, when singing his classic songs: "Like a Candle," "Curious the face of your father", "Expired Love Song" and "A violinist on your roof.

" With a smile that seemed permanent and undeniable excitement in their expressions, Melendi was grateful and fan of the Venezuelan public. "But there is law q is the q pagaráy will break the horns of this crude realidadCada full moon per month, one you may ask, how happy would be our viday I ask myself Diosque take care of you and what you detodo q your pidaspero him at revésahora you what I say goodbye I never compliments yours "" Thank Venezuela (...) we're going to fire a big way, You and I returned to Trafficking

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