Friday, May 20, 2011

To remember: The Evolution of Bob Dylan (+ gallery)

Commemorating its 70 years of life and also to wish a Happy Birthday, the best way to honor a music legend's show-through images-its evolution as an artist, beginning with that bright-eyed boy believer in the 'folklore' popular poetry, and concluding with the true genius behind the tour "Never Ending".

Robert Allen Zimmerman, is a musician, singer and poet who has been for five decades, a major figure in popular music. One of the most influential and prolific artists of the twentieth century. Dylan has no specific plans to celebrate his seventieth birthday. Just finished his Never Ending tour in Auckland, New Zealand, last April 30 and will not be easy until 16 June when the tour again starting in Cork, Ireland.

For those who are interested, the last song he sang in 1966 (prior to 'disappear') was "Forever Young." (Forever Young) Source: Rolling Stone by Andy Greene.

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