Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyonce video for 'Run The World (Girls)': the apocalypse you get caught dancing

Beyoncé is more than willing to assume that nobody is a real threat to their sovereignty as a diva. As it was reflected in his latest album, she is discovered as a dual artist, able to marvel at a beautiful voice on ballads - more or less successful - and to raze to the roots at its best aspect, that of demanding and aggressive female snack that all inexperienced youngsters who try to make the competition.

At least that we get clear of 'Run The World (Girls)', the new single from her upcoming album, entitled briefly in April, and that will be released officially on 28 June. In this sneak preview, Beyoncé pulls back the nails and marked one of those subjects with reminiscences of his first forays as a solo artist, with a brutal rhythmic base that sustains the whole song.

Without doubt, the accompanying video makes the whole court win. Recorded in the range of only three days and under the direction of Francis Lawrence, it is marked Beyoncé of these choreographies that make us doubt whether this woman has no bones in the body and is made of rubber. Since then, it has absolutely nothing to envy any of the last two clips of its most direct competitor in this regard, Lady Gaga, which today seems to be one who sets the bar higher in this field.

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