Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Hair', the second promotional single of Lady Gaga: shows slight improvement

Lady Gaga continues its agenda in regard to promoting their second album, Born This Way. A week ago we knew 'The Edge Of Glory', the first promotional single from her new album that will be accompanied by video, and now it is the turn as planned, a 'Hair', the second manager to go enlivening the expected.

After hearing these two songs, and after having heard so many times 'Born This Way' and 'Judas', is still something that disturbs me. It seems that everything promised in The Fame and the subsequent EP has become an attractive proposition, but not bursting any future projection. Of course, none of the issues we have had occasion to meet so far met the expectations not only for their first two, but mainly for his masterful marketing team.

I do not see any problem to your trading approach, or should I say looked, because at least before, behind the trappings of excess and had something interesting that drew together with its strong advertising push. However, all the hype is preceding Born This Way straw and I think anything that is showing Lady Gaga worth not reached, even remotely, anything before.

'Hair' is no exception. True, I think a lot more fun and entertaining 'The Edge Of Glory', but I am before any of the songs on The Fame Monster. The missing Germanotta hook, it sounds long last twenty years and although the revival of the eighties is fine if you know to take advantage, try to play without diluting what was completed in time does not contribute anything.

Moreover, supremely bored.

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