Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The BlackPanthysParty Helltrip + concert in Gijón (Acapulco Room, 04.30.2011): building hobby

Make a concert presentation of a new album in May full bridge can be a dud or a success, speaking of attendance. Helltrip it played to a letter in his appearance at the Acapulco Room Gijón for Animal brand to his followers, his second long. Mieres The band has enough travel to be a direct guarantee, its strength, and not sure how it would fit the changes that have taken the lyrics from English to Spanish, in this repertoire that supervitaminado and supermineralizado spend from its earliest days.

The night was extremely fun because we had double sessions, and that the quartet accompanied him in the lineup TheBlackPanthysParty the always hilarious, hardcore-punk band that became a touch of genius when he appeared on stage as 'serious' as the Acapulco . Removing the pijadas, nonsense and thank the band who sings it one more circuit, but has that extra that makes them fun on stage.

And on top give us an invaluable repertoire of their Castilian subjects last LP, the previous four were in English, like 'I want to be Paquirrín', 'Mariano Pignoise', 'Son of Punk', 'Miguel Pose', ' Quevar Che Revolution ',' Special Education College of Infanta Elena ',' Public Life ',' Gora ET 'or' The King is not gay.

In his official MySpace has a lot of videos so that you see an idea of how the expenses TheBlackPanthysParty, which have a bizarre point, and if in a. above do a version of 'Red Tape "by Circle Jerks and their particular review of 'Ace of Spades' by Motorhead, which they titled 'MySpace', imagine how we had a concert.

Then came Helltrip with their red shirts, ties and black trousers, an aesthetic that already used include The (International) Noise Conspiracy or the very The Hives, with whom they can compare but I'm not in a head to head would be a winner because our quartet is a perfect rock & roll machine.

I commented to a colleague at the end of the concert: it is sad to say but we have to say that looks like a foreigner group to highlight how good they are. And indeed that is true, Helltrip have many miles and much more over trials to prove its solvency. They have two singers that wanted it the other most recognized and prestigious training, and an enviable stage movement and pace.

His concert had no lows, pinion and pinion started over. They lack polish speeches that addressed the audience between songs, but musically they are a cannon, Helltrip is a band that creates passion and convincing. Be in Castilian: 'Unforgiven', 'Faith', 'Burns',' Anxiety 'or' junk ', or in English:' Hell on Earth ',' All Destroyed By Love (Love Too) ',' I Always Listen To You When You Do not Speak ',' Six Years 'or' Night Across.

" And with producer Miguel Herrero at the keyboards were tagged a few minutes to have recorded them on video. And also included three versions passed by the sieve, 'Volcano' of Baby Woodrose, 'Massacre' by Thin Lizzy and 'Selfdestructo Bust Turbonegro. And they returned with an encore Breaker: 'Six Bullets', 'Animal' and 'Grudge'.

I was about to the next, and you? Do not forget your name when you go through your city, you are warned.

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