Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DePedro presents live music appropriate for "sunsets and dawns"

He was part of the rock band Vacazul; played cover versions of jazz and blues with Three Men and occasionally put music on the set of Gran Wyoming. For two years under the name DePedro, Jairo Zavala, without the dreads to be released over a decade, with sideburns, he develops his personal project: restful melodies that dive between pop and roots music and already has two albums on the market.

The last, Clouds of paper, managed to sneak in the lists of the best indie albums of 2010 of the journals in Spain and, surprise, the background music of some U.S. cafes. The secret? He says music is "for preambles, sunsets and dawns." This Thursday will present live in Madrid, on Saturday in Barcelona.

They say they face the second disc is as revalidation. Some will cause cold sweats ... With clouds of paper was not so hard, came in a very natural. Born in the road, while touring the world: if there was a study, I went in and recorded. A song has even gone to some strange place like a room backstage in Paris, but is mainly recorded in the United States ..

with the help of musicians from Calexico. What was most difficult was given after all songs the same conceptual direction. At the end is achieved. The solo has a dark side was part of several musical ensembles ... Better just to danger? Now everything is more flexible, I can try more options and make my own decisions.

Built over. Although solo career also has a dark side, a lot of responsibility. Musically, I won a place to express a sound that has not been able to come to light. Some will miss the Vacazul ... The Vacazul is at a standstill indefinitely. I do not know what can happen in the future, but for now there is no energy or time for it.

What curriculum should be taken so that one would a band like Calexico fiche? The music world is very rare and the commonplace that the bridges of communication are broken if you connect musically, it's true. Besides, luck and was in the right place at the right time. I met them through a subject we wrote Amparo Sánchez (Amparanoia) and I, Do not leave me now.

Calexico version and then stayed with them. Legend has it that Neil Young also wanted to play with you ... This story is not true, although I used for interviews (laughs). Neil Young would not touch me, but my record came from those of other Spanish artists and said that he liked. The truth is that at the time when I found out, my legs trembled.

Others with whom you have worked with have been Vetusta Morla. I am very grateful, always encouraged me and made a stop on their way to help me out. We are old acquaintances. As a band, have managed to connect with a generation and are enjoying their time creatively. Vinyl, tape, Spotify, Mp3 ...

"To which generation you belong to? I am of the generation of cassette tape and burn it again and again. I like picking and squeezing the discs, listen to a thousand times, I do not like the current way of listening to individual songs from different artists. We live in the generation of singles.

Interestingly, this is how the industry began. But also listen to music on mobile. What groups are in your 'playlist'? In all, the day has many hours to fill them with different music and I am very curious. Among my latest finds is TV on the Radio, the latest from Jose Gonzalez ... that combined with the music of the 60's, 50's, rock and roll ..

This time it was not you who signed the illustration on the cover of his album. For the first used a painting he had done many years ago. On this occasion, has used a professional, Santiago Morilla, one of my favorite artists. He scored live TV programs. What would you like to soundtrack? Any movie! In fact, emerged as a project DePedro fictional soundtrack for a film.

Then I added lyrics and became a pop. What time should listen to Clouds of paper? It's an album of preambles, of sunsets and dawns. What will your live act? Very intense, very pretty and expected to play in front of many eyes that know me. Second addition will also play Grace Palermo, whom I met in Portland, and one of the musicians of Calexico.

In some ways it's like a test, a test.

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