Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top Hypersonic: Justice for Justice

After a break of two weeks vacation time, we resume the normal rhythm of the Top Hypersonic to verify that Justice continue where we left them at the top of the table. The single 'Civilization' has now a few weeks to circulate in single format, although the French were reluctant to give more data on what should be their second album.

Groups that fall below his own that already have their albums on the street, although both seem to have been a little below the general expectations. In second place are the Strokes, who get back on the podium and cause the fall of Radiohead. Have been on the verge of entering the Arctic Monkeys and noble positions Vetusta Morla, thus performing dazzling entry on the list.

Among the layoffs of the week we have to emphasize two veterans like Adele and The Black Keys, whose departure left a hole new proposals and allow the table to continue cooling. Open updates to the new disk CatPeople, entitled Love Battle. As a sign of what this work of Galicia, here you have the item entitled "Sorry" (YouTube).

Just over national indie Wiggum and 'imaginary girl' (YouTube), that exemplifies cutting to what we find in his latest album called Love NIFU Sinton Nifa Nison. Next comes the remix album entitled Erris Espanto, where musicians give their subjects the country to give them a new perspective.

In particular we will stay with the review of "Rain and Wind '(Deezer) signing Joe Twilight. We now field Californian singer Bart Davenport and his recent solo album, Searching for Bart Davenport. Between what we find in this album going to save the delicate 'Come On Let's Go' (YouTube).

And the more extreme left us to go, because as the end of the table we have the first of the three themes outlined in the latest EP Between The Buried And Me. The eleven minutes of 'Specular Reflection' (YouTube) are a good example of the level they are now.

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