Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bob Dylan turns 70 and celebrates with a tour of Europe

It is the great transformations between pop stars, a chameleon: Bob Dylan dabbled in almost every artistic discipline and was therefore important awards. Just missing the Nobel Prize for his poetry. Also, an exhibition of paintings by Dylan at the National Gallery of Denmark was not well received by critics who described it as "ordinary." He now writes books and a U.S.

publisher plans to edit six works by American artist. But first, this versatile genius celebrate his birthday on Tuesday, May 24, Dylan's 70th birthday. Shortly after launch a European tour. Dylan has always done what he least expected. First it was a folk singer with a harmonica, then played the electric guitar, which some fans received with shouts of "Judas." Then he gave a voice to the generation of 1968 with his protest song "Blowin 'In The Wind", then devoted itself to Christianity and recorded only gospel songs.

Dylan always rebelled against stereotypes, he wants to go his way, "Like A Rolling Stone." Having fallen into oblivion after a temporary loss of his voice and declared insane by critics, Dylan released in the 1990 new releases, which clearly were celebrated as masterpieces. "Time Out Of Mind" in 1997 finally broke the ice.

Since then Dylan is a strong candidate for the Top Ten. With his studio album "Modern Times", the musician accomplished in 2006 for the first time in 30 years to reach number one in the charts, an unprecedented return. Since 1988 is doing the "Never Ending Tour", so he gave over 2,000 concerts worldwide.

Except the name of its musicians, Dylan does not say in general no word during their performances. That cult figure who was the Woodstock generation was presented in April in China, and further agree that the authorities review the list of songs that would touch, was not well received by human rights defenders.

"Meanwhile, I know Dylan never understand, "said the former" queen of the folk movement "Joan Baez, 70, who became known in the early 1960's. "This also applies to others, including himself." Based on a quote from the playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht, Dylan once said: "Whoever was looking for who I am not." Your problem is certainly one of the reasons why Dylan is already living an object of choice for musicologists, linguists, sociologists and historians.

Each year is discussed in an international congress "dylanólogos." The only experts agree that Dylan is the best known unknown star of the Western world. In a career spanning nearly 50 years, wrote over 500 songs, many of which are long pop culture classics. Among his most strengths include "Masters Of War" Desolation Row "and" Hurricane.

" The magazine Rolling Stone said in 2004 "Like A Rolling Stone" the best song of all time. For the song "Things Have Changed" for the tragic comedy "Wonder Boys" by Curtis Hanson in 2001 received an Oscar. "I was always at the forefront a poet and a musician second line," Dylan said 30 years ago.

Many of his texts, powerful and strong content, are considered high literary works. Experts compare them with poems by Alexander Pushkin, Charles Baudelaire and even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Dylan is a type considered quirky, eccentric, that after countless crises and fall again and again surprised with spectacular returns.

Born in 1941 as the son of a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants in a small town in the U.S. state of Minnesota. With his gravelly voice and expressive, the singer quickly became the early 1960's in a symbol of the protest movement. Over the years, not only appeared before millions, but also raised millions for advertising with its image, for example, the online store Amazon, Guess jeans manufacturer or company Victoria's Secret.

If that bothers someone is something that concerns the artist as little as the enthusiasm of their fans: "You can not eat applause for breakfast. One can not sleep with them. "

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