Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stereophonics already recording his eighth album

Stereophonics have gone through in the last two years the prime of his career. His latest album, Keep Calm and Carry On, attracted no attention in the market in 2009 and also triumphed especially among critics, especially the English, who called him a solid album but unable to win new fans for the band.

To this must be added the death of drummer, Stuart Cable, who died in June last year drowned in his own vomit while sleeping. Javier Weyler has dealt with replacing and the next album Stereophonics will kick him to the battery. Something, moreover, seems to be just around the corner, Kelly Jones, singer, said that the group has already begun work on what will be his eighth studio album and they have worked for several weeks.

Jones also said they expect to give it some "foreign touch, without giving details, which perhaps relates to the participation of some producers from across the pond, but the fact is that unless this group has not said anything more about who is involved in the recording process, the possible release date or title.

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