Monday, May 16, 2011

Cabas celebrated collaborations Calamaro Vicentico and for his new album

MIAMI (AP) - The Colombian singer Cabas has learned much in his 10 year career, but never imagined sharing the stage with Shakira and Santana, or record an album together and Andres Calamaro Vicentico. "I never thought I would have the opportunity to stand next to many artists who have stood beside me on stage ...

to have a Calamaro, Vicentico and Mala Rodriguez" on a disk, said Andres Cabas, best known for his name only, in a recent telephone interview AP. "They were dreams and I have been met," said the artist about to release their fifth album entitled "If I told you ...." He recalled that his first album came out in 2001 and since then has shared the stage with his compatriot Shakira, Lenny Kravitz American, Dominican Juan Luis Guerra and Miguel Bose Spanish and took part in a tribute to Carlos Santana.

In his new album features collaborations with fellow Hispanic Americans who are considered fan, including the Argentine Calamaro, Vicentico and Ale Sergi (Miranda the band), and the Spanish Mala Rodríguez. "If I told you," to be released in Colombia and Venezuela in July, was produced by the Argentinean Cachorro López, a former member of the band "The grandparents of the blue." With Vincent wrote the first single, "After the Rain", a song dedicated to victims of the rains in Colombia, which also sing them.

With Calamaro sings "What we leave behind", a song they composed together, and Mala Rodriguez sings "The heat," he wrote to Lopez and Argentina's Sebastian Schon (formerly of the band ZAZ). "This is the time I have more collaborations on a disk, and more compose with other people in a record, "said Cabas, who began studying music at age five and over the years spent by the piano and drums, classical music and jazz, rock and electronic music.

"After the Rain" whose catchy choruses _en Vicentico Cabas and ask "who come to chase the rain come" - was a gift from the singer to more than 460,000 affected by the floods and landslides in their country. "It's like the calm of sunrise, the city is cleaner, the soul is cleaner and want to celebrate, want to rejoice with friends and raise their hands a little sun and greet life after so many hard times, "said Cabas.

Reported that decided to donate all income received by a single organization to help victims Humanitarian Colombia. "The most beautiful is when there is a song that comes from your gut and your feelings and people receive and becomes part of their lives, "revealed the artist, who recently was hospitalized about 10 days for kidney stones.

With a firm voice, the Colombian said he has learned "a thousand things" in the years that have elapsed between his first and fifth album. "Ten years is not passed in vain," he said, and immediately exemplified that has learned to be a Breast things to pass and others are not so important.

"I've learned to enjoy more of what I do," he said. But he said he still has much to do, "thousands of songs to compose" because it is "almost started." By GISELA SALOMON

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