Monday, May 16, 2011

Neri Per Caso bring back his wonderful voice to Venezuela

The Italian group "makes instruments with his wonderful voice," returns to perform in three Venezuelan cities: June 16 at the Teatro Santa Rosa de Lima in Caracas, 17 in the Casa Italia de Maracay and 18 at the Centro Italo Barquisimeto. Neri Per Caso consists of six youths from the city of Salerno, Italy, as children joined their voices to give free rein to his love for music.

In 1991, before being famous local singing in the province, tourist cruises and celebrations, until they reached their moment of glory by participating in the San Remo Festival in 1995 - which won first place in the category of new artists with the theme "Le Ragazze" (Girls). Immediately, Neri Per Caso became an important group and in total, have 13 albums, one with the inclusion of instruments, two compilations and two Christmas-themed albums.

His last two albums with the participation of renowned Italian artists. The first was published in 2008 under the name of Angoli Diversi and had the talent of Mario Biondi, Mango and Claudio Baglioni. The second was released in late 2010 and was titled Donne, with the assistance of Loredana Berte, Mia Martini and Ornella Vanoni.

Entries range between 500 and 900 Bolivars and can be purchased from now. Way N / P

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