Monday, May 16, 2011

The Killers, a speck of recording her new album

The Killers decided to take some time to rest early last 2010, a well-deserved time on the other hand, if we consider that have spent a good part of the last six years of touring through the world and with fifteen million copies sold on their backs. In his latest album, Day & Age, three years have passed, and although never entirely disappeared as training, many already are asking when we decide to work again and if that prediction would be fulfilled by Brandon Flowers that ensured they would meet again in 2011.

The answer given by The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci, which in turn has just released his first solo album. This week, Flowers and company will meet to begin the composition of his fourth studio album, despite previous statements that the battery also said they plan to take it quite calmly, trying to escape the rush trail that guided their other albums.

In this way, it is quite possible that the disk does not come out until 2012 and that, hopefully, we can hear a loose item or a promotional single later this year. At the moment, will be satisfied with Big Talk, Vannucci's solo debut, due out on July 11 and seeing their live dvd for comfort until the next tour.

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