Monday, May 2, 2011

Calle13: "The new revolution is not guns, is education" (+ photos)

Counter-marches and rain, fans misbehave Calle13 decided Sunday night May 1, on the terrace Sambil Center. In an atmosphere of joy, which lasted nearly 2 hours. A 7:35 am start the thing, when René Pérez, aka Residente Calle13, went to the arena with the dance of the poor, followed by No One Like You.

The euphoria of the audience was not enough rain to cease so that the Puerto Rican decided to put a good face on things. "Since you are getting wet, I'm going to get wet with you", that alone was enough for the singer to stay shirtless, and delight to the women present with their abs. With the party turned on, invited the public capital to misbehave a little bit "not about rebellion, about being undisciplined for a day", so "we're going to behave badly," he sang.

Kiss breakfast, was dedicated by Calle13 to "pretty girls" to the public, who responded by throwing panties and bras, among other objects on stage. It is worth everything Tocarte all, Hormiga Brava, preceded by one of the favorite themes of residence, which seeks to reflect on a problem that is affecting many countries in Latin America today, violence.

"The new revolution, one that speak, not in guns, weapons lies in education. Must be well educated (...) this song is called Bala. " Lyrics with a high content of protest, complaint, and continued dreaming consciousness,, La Perla, Tango from sin, and calms people. With the latter, Calle13 not miss the chance to criticize the U.S.

government, who in his opinion, that Puerto Ricans want to live with blinders on. "We must defend our country and of every person who comes from outside or from anyone who is in and wants to destroy it," he said. Rene did not stop jumping around the stage during the show. Between songs, inviting the public to go with the music, feel the rhythm, and celebrate life.

In short, tremendous combination, "the people of Caracas and Calle13" was the first Sunday night in May. , Chulin Chulin Chunfly, the popular Dare, and Fiesta de Locos, all "we were jumping."

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