Monday, May 2, 2011

The Punsetes, Klaus & Kinski and Bizarre Love Triangle sponsor the archeology of the model Dandruff Attack

Caspa attack, the group added to a future list of bands with horrible names, published little more than a demo and gave a few concerts before you exit the forum and disappear from the scene of Madrid of the 80. Sometimes just that is enough, but not fall into the trap of turning into a legend that really was not what I have told you.

However, when someone decides, almost 30 years later, make every effort to recover a model for history lost is because some cult has managed to create as a group. That and that alone should be enough: if you do music for anything but someone to listen and maybe you adore, you're ready. Dandruff attack by gramacionesgrabofonicas best that can happen is that among the worshipers of the minority religious people are able to jump into the mud and pulls, a vinyl editarte lost songs.

Grabofónicas programming, home Punsetes environment, and Yo-Yo Industries were among the fans Dandruff Attack. With that, you have a new group inexplicably forgotten. On 15 May between the two offered for sale on vinyl this model of the Madrid group, with six songs remastered and accompanied by as many versions as well by Klaus & Kinski, Bizarre Love Triangle, The Punsetes, Linda Mirada , Prisma and Great Burning Appliance.

Come on, so we pull six names to remember and, perhaps, we also agreed to create a cult. But this time instead of leaving it for 30 years from now, the better we do now, ok?

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